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After receiving a brain tumor diagnosis, most people likely feel lost and helpless. The following list provided by the National Brain Tumor Society contains questions to ask healthcare professionals initially to ease confusion and worry.
  1. What is the name and grade of my tumor? Is it a primary OR Metastatic tumor?
  2. Is my tumor benign or malignant?
  3. What are my treatment options?
  4. What are the possible side effects of each treatment option?
  5. Which treatment would you choose if you had my tumor?
  6. If I am more interested in quality of life rather than how long I live, which treatment would you recommend?
  7. Are there any clinical trials for which I am eligible and, if so, what questions are those clinical trials asking?
  8. If I wanted a second opinion from another neuro-oncologist or neurosurgeon, who would you recommend?
  9. What factors do you take into consideration to predict how I am going to do?
  10. How can I reach you or someone else in your office if I have questions after today? (1.)
We hope this information will help someone who may be waiting on results from their doctor.

1. National Brain Tumor Society.


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American Brain Tumor Association, - another great resource.  Lots of material, lots to take in from the sources but it helps to know as much as possible.

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Yes, Aunt Sherry! I have found their website to be most helpful!
Maybe we should add a forum with all of these helpful links!
Thank you and love you!!

Mindy Jones
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